We design, develop & deliver software for your ideas!

We’re TORIG: a group of web and mobile app experts. We can be your complete tech team, or join your existing one. We are great at cleaning backlogs, refactoring code, planning new features, agile methodology, building complex back-end systems, and building great products.

We have helped plenty of new startups and well-known businesses with their tech needs. If you are looking for a complete tech team or just a single developer, we can get the job done.



Have a great idea and need a proof of concept? We are the perfect solution for non-technical founders to launch a high quality MVP quickly , and at a low cost. We have a lot of experience planning and delivering impressive products.

Team Growth

Not enough hands to get the job done or already have a product? TORIG can help you accelerate, bringing experience and expertise to your staff. We offer the right developers to best fit your organization’s needs. Since, every project’s needs are different, the details of our integration can be flexible.


We create polished and functional iOS & Android mobile apps for clients. These mobile apps are products of careful planning and agile development. Using technologies like React Native, we create powerful mobile experiences across platforms.

Web development

Hire us to build your site or app from start to finish, or fill in the missing piece. We will take your product from idea to reality quickly, without sacrificing its future agility. Whether extending an API, refactoring javascript or building an app from scratch, we produce lean, test-driven code — on time & at budget.

Technical Consulting

We know a thing or two about where projects can go wrong. We can review your codebase, lead scoping sessions for your next sprint, advise on testing & metrics, as well as put out that unexpected fire delaying your launch!

Tech stack

Using Ruby on Rails, we can rapidly get your products to market, while maintaining a high standard of code quality. For years TORIG has been using the Ruby language and Rails framework to create organized, secure, well-tested web applications for our clients. We leverage open source technology to avoid wheel reinvention, and contribute our own.

React and Redux is our top choice for building the best client-side experience on a single-page application. React makes complex interfaces easy with small, reusable components, consistent behavior, and rich interactions. It is highly effective for teams because it encourages the reuse of UI patterns and requires a readable syntax.

React Native gives our team the chance to write fast, native applications on Android and iOS in a single codebase while sharing large amounts of logic. React Native apps use truly native APIs and UI components which means your app works and feels like any other traditional native app. Companies like Instagram, AirBnB, Skype, Task Rabbit, and SoundCloud now use React Native to build mobile products.

Why us?

  • Collaboration
  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Compliance
  • Scale
  • Satisfaction

Dedicated and Focussed

In order to maintain high quality work, we only take on a few projects at a time. The same team members will stick with your project through the entire cycle.

A solid foundation

Everything we build passes a suite of automated and manual tests. This allows us to focus on new features (instead of bugs) and gives you confidence to evolve and adapt, ensuring data integrity and usefulness beyond the current use case.


Communication is critical. We’re available to chat over Slack, Github, Asana, Google hangouts, or whatever works for you. All code is always available on GitHub and each task is always trackable.

Future growth

While we work on your product, our team connects with yours to give you all the tools and skills you need to continue on your own. Our goal is to enable you to move forward without us by giving you the processes and tools to continue building, learning and iterating.



We absorb and research all the critical details and requirements of your application and find exactly where TORIG can help. From complex data & back-end code, to visual design & front-end support. We do it all.


Our data and research guides us in building the best application that satisfies your requirements and fulfills your user’s needs. Using contemporary, industry-standard technologies, TORIG delivers a product that lasts.


Applications need continuous iteration, maintenance & upgrades. TORIG makes that painless.